SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH; a poem about letting go

Hello lovelies, I’m back today with another one for you guys. Today I’m switching it up a little bit and sharing with you a poem I wrote a while ago. I wrote this poem on the day after Valentine’s Day this year. The poem was brought to life by what I was feeling and going…


Hello beautiful people! I hope y’all are doing fine today. A lot of you guys have been asking about this since I talked about it in my Chatty January Update post. Well sit back, take off your wigs, and relax because it’s finally here!! Pin it!! Sometime in December last year, I was in this…

Chatty January Update; What’s been up with me

Hello there!! I’m literally sneaking into this editor right now because I feel as if y’all are going to come for me. *sigh* But in all honesty, it does feel good to be back though. So where have I been? Hhm, let’s say somewhere between fighting laziness and feeling down for no actual reason plus…

2018 – Ushering into Growth (PART II)

“God doesn’t take us to places we can already fit. He takes us to places that don’t currently fit so that we can learn to adjust our lives to fit. And that is how we grow.” 2018 was just a tip of the ice berg, I know the best is yet to come!

2018 – A Sea of Troubles (PART I)

“And as the rope, when the pressure had gotten so much, I almost snapped into two but for God’s grace that stepped in right on time.” 2018 has taught me so much, I thought I should share my story with you!

Life Update #1

Sometimes we get it easy, sometimes we don’t and that in itself is beautiful

Hello in a not so cliché way

I intended to start my blog with the usual introduction and all other blog rituals of the sort. But honestly, at this point in time as I sit before my laptop, I am not in that eerie mood at all. Sorry to probably burst your bubble and go against the norms, but being realistic is…