Hello beautiful people! I hope y’all are doing fine today. A lot of you guys have been asking about this since I talked about it in my Chatty January Update post. Well sit back, take off your wigs, and relax because it’s finally here!!

NNU Income; side hustle idea
Pin it!!
Pin it!!

Sometime in December last year, I was in this craze about making money (still am lol). I was looking for what I could do alongside school to get a little more money to add up to my monthly allowance. I was searching frantically online for a side hustle program and I found lots and lots of options (online surveys, Cash back apps, freelance options) and all of that but sadly, just like almost every other good thing, all these were not available in Nigeria. It’s funny how every good thing purposefully avoids this country, then I discovered NNU and my life hasn’t been the same (literally speaking).


NNU (Nigerian News Update) is a news site, as the name implies that pays you just to READ AND SHARE NEWS DAILY. Basically,  they pay you to advertise for them and interact with them. Initially, I had to do a lot of reading around to fully understand it but now that I have found my way around it, it is the best thing ever. All you need is a phone, a Facebook account, a bank account and an internet connection, and you have all you need to earn from this programe. It’s literally the best side hustle option ever.

NNU Income, side hustle idea
Of course it’s real!

You can earn from NNU in two ways; NARS activity earnings and affiliate earnings. Under NARS activity earnings, you earn money from logging into your account daily (N50 per log in), sharing Sponsored posts daily to your Facebook page (N100 per post), and commenting on news updates (N2 per comment). Did I mention that for registering alone, you get a N50 bonus? Under affiliate earnings, for every person you refer to the programe you get a 62.5% affiliate commission (N1000). This is the actual gold mine and where the opportunity to earn so much lies. So in fact you can be earning up to and even more than N50,000 a month from this programe, depending on what level you’re ready to take it to. You get all this with a one-time payment of N1600 ONLY. Some of us spend more than this amount on buying a data plan in a week. Think about investing this JUST ONCE and opening the door to unlimited earnings..huge I know!

This is the perfect side hustle for you to do when you’re bored at home or even during your spare time at school. It’s literally so stress free because you get to work just from one place, no running around, no hassle. The thing is you’re being paid to do what you would normally do every day on social media and get nothing. So you that has a huge following on Instagram or Twitter, over 1000 friends on Facebook or 100 chats on Whatsapp (more grease to your elbow btw), don’t even think twice; hop on this BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! All you need to do is commit to make time for it and you’re good to go.

I know what you’re thinking now, that this is probably just a scam? If it was, sis I wouldn’t waste my time writing a whole blog post about it. It is 100% LEGIT and people (myself included) are continuously making money from it.

NNU Income side hustle idea
See how much I made from NNU Income in January. I was lagging behind on my referrals…not bad for a first!

Once I found my way around it, I paid the registration fee of N1600 and I got into it right away. I was steady on the sharing of sponsored posts and commenting but I was lagging on my referrals. I was so nervous about talking to people about it because I thought they wouldn’t believe me. Then one day I summoned up courage and shared it on my Whatsapp status. To my surprise, about ten people replied that update and I made my first three referrals that month. So if you’re nervous about getting referrals, don’t sweat it, A LOT OF PEOPLE NEED THE MONEY and it’s a fact!

If you’re interested in getting this bread, click here to REGISTER!! I advise you make your payment method via Paystack not the “Coupon code” method because I haven’t tried it out myself and can’t say for sure how it works. Also be sure to enter in your correct details so nothing gets mixed up. Immediately you do so, send me a dm on instagram (@thrivinglightinthestorm) so I can guide you on what to do next.

BONUS: To help you out, once you successfully register, I will be adding you to a Whatsapp group where I will walk you through the entire programe for FREE. You don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to understand the programe like I did. Don’t sleep on this opportunity guys, this is really a goldmine waiting to blow up. If you have any questions about NNU income, be sure to ask them in the comments, I’ll definitely get back to you!


  1.   I only know about earning through a Nigerian bank account. So even though you live outside of Nigeria and you have a Nigerian bank account, you can definitely still register.
  2. Did you notice that my naira symbol had just one slash across it instead of two? I don’t know how to insert currency symbols in this editor. HELP?!

Do you have a side hustle? Feel free to share with me in the comments! Cheers to making this schmoney!!!

You mean a lot,


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  1. Praiseyy💞 says:

    Legit side hustle🇳🇬🇳🇬😩…..i really like this and will try it out. And i also have a side something but i dont stress for it…you may probably know it tooo. It is called swearcoins. You get paid by just walking but it had its own currency.

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    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Oh are you serious? I’ve never heard about it? That’s so cool, thanks for taking a read❤️


      1. Praiseyy💞 says:



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