Chatty January Update; What’s been up with me

Chatty January In Review Update
Help your girl and pin this. Thankss so much!!

Hello there!!

I’m literally sneaking into this editor right now because I feel as if y’all are going to come for me. *sigh*

But in all honesty, it does feel good to be back though. So where have I been? Hhm, let’s say somewhere between fighting laziness and feeling down for no actual reason plus writing my first semester exams (Ohh my God!! they were fantastic by the way). It’s obvious though that I’ve been struggling to keep up with this blog. However, I believe it’s safe to say that I am back now and for good this time.

Is it just me or January literally flew by, because I feel like 2019 just started yesterday and all of a sudden we’re down to the first week of February already. Damnn!! Either way it’s been a breeze, January was wonderful (I hope it was for you too!); I successfully wrapped up my first semester in university, discovered a SIDE HUSTLE that ACTUALLY PAYS (let me know in the comments if you want to know about it), I started my FITNESS JOURNEY which is a big big major for me (follow my instagram which I will link down below to see sneak peeks), made some new friends (I suck at this btw), what can I say God has been faithful through it all.

Chatty January Update
I have no idea why my eyes are closed but I really love this pic!

Part of why I couldn’t blog actually is because your girl has been revamping –sort of. If you haven’t already noticed, you can see that my blog’s name is no longer but now You may be wondering why the switch. Well, the name “sunshinestreak” doesn’t really resonate with me anymore. Although you can tell they are both similar (“sunshine”, “light”), I wanted a name that gave me and my blog some more purpose if that makes sense. I had a few other options though, but this one did it for me so yeahhh sister we thrivin’ and we shining no matter what storm life throws our way. We’ll light it up and shine whatsoever!! It hasn’t really been easy though, changing it up and all but I’ll pull through. So far I have a matching instagram account(@thrivinglightinthestorm) please follow me on there so we can keep in touch and you can see what I’m up to outside of this blog (: PS- It’s new so don’t judge too much, thanks

Hopefully by the time this post is live, I would have been done designing the logo (for the blog). Yess this whole blogging thing is really bringing out the art savvy side of me I never even knew existed lol. I’m designing with Canva by the way. It’s a really cool and beginner friendly designing tool, most bloggers and even I myself use it to make blog graphics and stuff like that.

Chatty January Update
I’m actually so proud of myself for editing this photo. Yayy!!

Sigh, constantly I just pray for grace to carry through and really up my blogging game because I honestly want to do so much better. Wow this is such a chatty blog post; I’ve never done anything like this before. Let me know in the comments if I should do more stuff like this, it could be a monthly feature or something.

It’s about time I wrap this up *tears* I could go on forever believe me, but I doubt y’all are that interested in what goes on in my life lol. But I am interested in you and I do really want to get to know y’all. So spam my dms on instagram (@thrivinglightinthestorm), I’d really love to hear from you. I’m getting a twitter soon so y’all can also hit me up on there. Let me know how January went for you and if you have any plans this month of February *wink*

You mean a lot,


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Sijae says:

    Hey girl 💕 it’s your girl😂❤️ We love what you’re doing tbh and I am very interested in what goes on in your life. Yes, you should be doing more chatty posts like this❤️ We love you. Keep up and grow in strength and wisdom 🙂


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Thank you sooo much babe😭😭 Love you❤️ Thanks for taking time out to read this🤗❤️


  2. jamesudotong says:

    Love what you’re doing.m. January was pretty much faster than I expected. I would really like to know more about your “Side Hustle” in school too. Love the new name and the pictures. Keep up the good work Daniex!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Thank you so much James. I know right January went by so fast. About the side hustle, a blog post is coming on that soon enough. Thanks for taking time out to read and also leave me a comment❤️


  3. Praiseyy says:

    I really love this blog so much…ive kept up from your day 1😍😍you you rock girl…and yes ill like to know your side hustle 😂😂


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Thank you so much Praise😭 I really appreciate your support❤️😊Yes, about the side hustle, it’s coming😁


  4. Uju says:

    Sorry I’m reading this late,been busy.
    I love what you’re doing by the way,inspiring us always.
    God bless you abundantly and prosper everything you do.
    January was slow to me o,idk😂😂
    And girlll,so happy your exams were good cos medicine can be so frustrating, but I know you’ll make us proud to be called your friend like you always do💓
    And yes,please tell us about your side hustle ,I’d like to know😂😂


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Aww thanks so much babe for taking time out to read this😁 Amen, thank you so much for your support I really appreciate it😭❤️ I know right this medicine thing, first year is a little like Secondary school sha so at least it’s not so bad. Thank you so much for reading😊✨ About the side hustle, a blog post is coming on that💪🏽✨


  5. Fraank says:

    Danny!! Well I guess I’m the latest to read this 😅
    But I love what you’re doing. I low-key look forward to every new post. Keep shining loves ❤
    And yeah, don’t forget to tag me when the hustle plan gets here 😂


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Latest…no I don’t think soo😂 Thanks for taking time out to read this and support me. It’s really encouraging and means a lot to me😭❤️ About the side hustle, definitely I won’t forget😉😁


  6. Ekott says:

    You already know I wouldn’t leave without a reply girl. Keep up the good energy. God is with you


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Thank you so much girlll😭 Means a lot to me❤️


  7. Somto says:

    Wow that was an interesting piece😍😍
    I will be looking forward to more
    And about the side hustling 😉keep it up👍


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Aww thank you so much Somto❤️✨ I will definitely keep you posted!


  8. Treasure Isaac says:

    Wonderful works was actually attracted by the name . Lets see what you got for us!!!


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