2018 – Ushering into Growth (PART II)



No matter how troubled the sea is, always remember that God never holds back from his children. He may not come at the time we think we need Him but He will always step in at the best time to rescue us from the storms of life.

In the midst of all my confusion and heart ache, God provided a solution to my problems and a revelation for my future as well. I was offered a provisional admission to study at Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. Not just that, but a 60% or 100% discount on tuition depending on whichever course I choose to study.

I must confess that initially, I couldn’t help but be a bit hesitant. I was a little bit disappointed – it had always been my dream to study abroad, in fact this served as a constant motivation for me to work so hard throughout secondary school.  But with the my mom’s help and by the grace of God, we were able to make all arrangements in time an here I am, in medical school.

This year, a lot of things concerning my life have changed. The direction in which I thought my life was going switched up in the blink of an eye. However, in all this I am thankful because I know that He has a better plan. These last few months of 2018, I have drawn so much closer to the love of God, and for this I am grateful. It gives me the assurance that no matter what obstacles lie ahead, I know I don’t have to figure it out alone.

I’ve realized that God doesn’t take us to places we can already fit. He takes us to places that don’t currently fit so that we can learn to adjust our lives to fit- and that is how we grow. I am thankful for the place God has put me in. Each day, He is constantly revealing to me new ways I can positively affect this space that I am in.

Adapting to all this change hasn’t been so easy, but I believe by God’s grace I am equipped with all that I need to overcome. I can tell that 2018 is my ushering into tremendous growth which is preparing me for the amazing things God has in store for me.

Are you doing some reflecting too? Go ahead and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Or you can contact me personally via the contacts tab on the home page. I hope 2018 has thought us all a thing or two. Merry Christmas and happy holidays loves!!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Reuben says:

    2018, has taught us countless genuine reasons to be grateful where you are and prepare for the better ahead.
    God has been so faithful throughout 2018.


    1. Daniella Ntuen says:

      Honestly Janet. I’m so glad you can also relate to this. Cheers to an amazing year ahead!!


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