Top tips for First year University Students

Most people (in US mostly) go to college before going off to university. Personally, I don’t have that experience; right after secondary school, I went straight into uni. It wasn’t as overwhelming as I had expected, and in this post I will share with you certain things to avoid to make your experience at the university a much better one.

We all know that going off to University can be rather overwhelming, especially when it’s your first year and more so your first semester. For some of us, it might actually be the first time we’re going to be away from our parents. You basically have to adjust to leading a more independent life, taking responsibility for yourself, facing peer pressure, keeping your grades up and all other hassle you could possibly find in between.

If you’re about to get into the university, I’m guessing a part of you is nervous. Well sit back and relax because you have come to the right place. In this post you will discover the mistakes that I made during my freshman year at the university, which means that if you’re wise (which you most definitely are because I mean you’re here reading this post), you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. These aren’t just far-fetched pieces of advice from someone who doesn’t understand what you’ll be going through; I’m 16 years old, basically I’ve lived all my life in the 21st century and you and I have most likely had to/will face similar kinds of problems. All that being said, you have come to the right place, take my word for it.

——————————– Let’s get right into it ———————————

Tips for first year university students
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  • MAKE CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO SOCIALIZE – I had to make this the first point ’cause I absolutely suck at this (sadly). Give or take, I currently have no actual friends outside of my department (Medicine). This is partly my school’s fault though because Medicine & Law students now have separate hostels as well as separate academic blocks. So you can already imagine that we barely mix. Of course there are the social butterflies, who are blessed with this ability to make friends so easily and who will always have tonnes of friends no matter what happens -and that’s just not me. I know a few people outside Medicine though, but I don’t think I’d call them my friends just YET. No man is an island. We all know we need people and connections to thrive in life;  and what better place to make these connections than uni. Try to attend most events they’ll organize for freshers, go to parties and get to meet people. Be nice and helpful and you’ll establish great connections. PS: be careful what kind of parties you do go to though, especially if you’re a girl cause uni is wild sis.
  • DON’T RUSH TO JOIN ANY CLUBS OR SOCIETIES – I joined just one club, NCSF (Nile Christian Students Fellowship). I was new and hyped about uni, I really wanted to do something. And then I heard about the fellowship and I joined in. I attend their services on Thursdays and Sundays (most times) and those are great. However, I rushed to join the choir without actually taking time to chill and actually observe how things were done or even make findings at least. I thought to myself “oh I was in the school choir in secondary school, I should definitely join in this, it won’t be any different”. But sis it was different, and I have learned the hard way that not everyone you find in a “fellowship” actually does know what a fellowship is truly about. Honestly, I regret my decision and I’m considering leaving (the choir) by the end of this session. Before you join any club, try to find out about it from people who have been around before you. Don’t be like me and walk into anything blindly (: Also, look up the clubs available at your school on your school’s website to have a rough idea of what exists there beforehand.
tips for first year university students
You see that folded paper at the right there…that’s my First Semester Chemistry exam paper and it was the hardest thing ever but your girl aced it by God’s grace!

• DON’T EAT YOUR LIFE OUT – Yes you heard me, I wish I didn’t eat my life out lol. In my school, you’re provided with breakfast and dinner (for on campus students only). They add the rather OUTRAGEOUS cost to your hostel fees. So my fat ass was like okay sis, we paid for this food so we’re going to eat it to the fullest. Every breakfast and dinner I’d eat way more than I needed because I didn’t want the money paid to be “wasted” (so dumb, I know). Well that got me on my road to FAT GIRL LAND. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying being fat is such a bad thing but sis, I put on so much weight in just three months and I absolutely hated myself. I would never even dare take a full body picture – it was that bad. But in all honesty, I don’t really regret this because it gave me the push I needed to begin my fitness journey. I have been working out and eating healthy consistently for over a month now and I’m definitely seeing great changes. The food was good too so I don’t regret it lol. Try as much as you can to stay healthy. Eat healthy meals and create time to work out (at least three times a week).

• STUDY EVERYDAY – Call me a nerd or whatever, but I wish I did this. Initially, I used to study at the library every evening but you know how it be – after the first week or so, my motivation had died down and I began to find so much more comfort in my bed and YouTube. A week to the start of exam, I was under a lot of pressure trying to cover up the scheme of work for all my courses and that was truly nasty. I’m sure most of y’all can relate too, because most of us have experienced this at least once. Shout out to my study group and my friend Zahra who pushed me to study consistently ’cause if not for them, I’d be in a hot mess by now. Uni is not like secondary school, you have so much more time on your hands to do whatever you want. Honestly, it can be really tempting to while away all the time but try to squeeze in at least 2 hours of study time per day. I promise it’ll pay off eventually and will have your GPA looking fancy. For helpful study tips and techniques, click here.

Tips for first year university students

The university is a great place with lots and lots of opportunities and basically it’s where your life truly begins. Therefore it’s important to set a great foundation; establish good relationships, connect with people, follow your passions and try out a lot of different stuff. It doesn’t matter if you fail – I’d rather try and fail at something than wonder if I would have ever succeeded at it. So you see, take all the chances you can and have fun while at it!

Tips for first year university students
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There you have it guys, four things to avoid during your first year at the university. If you’re already in uni, leave me a comment telling me one thing you wish you did differently. And if you aren’t in uni yet, I hope you’ve gained a thing or two (or enjoyed reading this post at least). Thank you for making it to the end of this post. You rock!!

And you mean a lot,                                                                                                                   Daniella



FeaturedNNU INCOME, the perfect side hustle for you

Hello beautiful people! I hope y’all are doing fine today. A lot of you guys have been asking about this since I talked about it in my Chatty January Update post. Well sit back, take off your wigs, and relax because it’s finally here!!

NNU Income; side hustle idea
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Sometime in December last year, I was in this craze about making money (still am lol). I was looking for what I could do alongside school to get a little more money to add up to my monthly allowance. I was searching frantically online for a side hustle program and I found lots and lots of options (online surveys, Cash back apps, freelance options) and all of that but sadly, just like almost every other good thing, all these were not available in Nigeria. It’s funny how every good thing purposefully avoids this country, then I discovered NNU and my life hasn’t been the same (literally speaking).


NNU (Nigerian News Update) is a news site, as the name implies that pays you just to READ AND SHARE NEWS DAILY. Basically,  they pay you to advertise for them and interact with them. Initially, I had to do a lot of reading around to fully understand it but now that I have found my way around it, it is the best thing ever. All you need is a phone, a Facebook account, a bank account and an internet connection, and you have all you need to earn from this programe. It’s literally the best side hustle option ever.

NNU Income, side hustle idea
Of course it’s real!

You can earn from NNU in two ways; NARS activity earnings and affiliate earnings. Under NARS activity earnings, you earn money from logging into your account daily (N50 per log in), sharing Sponsored posts daily to your Facebook page (N100 per post), and commenting on news updates (N2 per comment). Did I mention that for registering alone, you get a N50 bonus? Under affiliate earnings, for every person you refer to the programe you get a 62.5% affiliate commission (N1000). This is the actual gold mine and where the opportunity to earn so much lies. So in fact you can be earning up to and even more than N50,000 a month from this programe, depending on what level you’re ready to take it to. You get all this with a one-time payment of N1600 ONLY. Some of us spend more than this amount on buying a data plan in a week. Think about investing this JUST ONCE and opening the door to unlimited earnings..huge I know!

This is the perfect side hustle for you to do when you’re bored at home or even during your spare time at school. It’s literally so stress free because you get to work just from one place, no running around, no hassle. The thing is you’re being paid to do what you would normally do every day on social media and get nothing. So you that has a huge following on Instagram or Twitter, over 1000 friends on Facebook or 100 chats on Whatsapp (more grease to your elbow btw), don’t even think twice; hop on this BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! All you need to do is commit to make time for it and you’re good to go.

I know what you’re thinking now, that this is probably just a scam? If it was, sis I wouldn’t waste my time writing a whole blog post about it. It is 100% LEGIT and people (myself included) are continuously making money from it.

NNU Income side hustle idea
See how much I made from NNU Income in January. I was lagging behind on my referrals…not bad for a first!

Once I found my way around it, I paid the registration fee of N1600 and I got into it right away. I was steady on the sharing of sponsored posts and commenting but I was lagging on my referrals. I was so nervous about talking to people about it because I thought they wouldn’t believe me. Then one day I summoned up courage and shared it on my Whatsapp status. To my surprise, about ten people replied that update and I made my first three referrals that month. So if you’re nervous about getting referrals, don’t sweat it, A LOT OF PEOPLE NEED THE MONEY and it’s a fact!

If you’re interested in getting this bread, click here to REGISTER!! I advise you make your payment method via Paystack not the “Coupon code” method because I haven’t tried it out myself and can’t say for sure how it works. Also be sure to enter in your correct details so nothing gets mixed up. Immediately you do so, send me a dm on instagram (@thrivinglightinthestorm) so I can guide you on what to do next.

BONUS: To help you out, once you successfully register, I will be adding you to a Whatsapp group where I will walk you through the entire programe for FREE. You don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to understand the programe like I did. Don’t sleep on this opportunity guys, this is really a goldmine waiting to blow up. If you have any questions about NNU income, be sure to ask them in the comments, I’ll definitely get back to you!


  1.   I only know about earning through a Nigerian bank account. So even though you live outside of Nigeria and you have a Nigerian bank account, you can definitely still register.
  2. Did you notice that my naira symbol had just one slash across it instead of two? I don’t know how to insert currency symbols in this editor. HELP?!

Do you have a side hustle? Feel free to share with me in the comments! Cheers to making this schmoney!!!

You mean a lot,


Chatty January Update; What’s been up with me

FeaturedChatty January In Review Update



Chatty January In Review Update
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Hello there!!

I’m literally sneaking into this editor right now because I feel as if y’all are going to come for me. *sigh*

But in all honesty, it does feel good to be back though. So where have I been? Hhm, let’s say somewhere between fighting laziness and feeling down for no actual reason plus writing my first semester exams (Ohh my God!! they were fantastic by the way). It’s obvious though that I’ve been struggling to keep up with this blog. However, I believe it’s safe to say that I am back now and for good this time.

Is it just me or January literally flew by, because I feel like 2019 just started yesterday and all of a sudden we’re down to the first week of February already. Damnn!! Either way it’s been a breeze, January was wonderful (I hope it was for you too!); I successfully wrapped up my first semester in university, discovered a SIDE HUSTLE that ACTUALLY PAYS (let me know in the comments if you want to know about it), I started my FITNESS JOURNEY which is a big big major for me (follow my instagram which I will link down below to see sneak peeks), made some new friends (I suck at this btw), what can I say God has been faithful through it all.

Chatty January Update
I have no idea why my eyes are closed but I really love this pic!

Part of why I couldn’t blog actually is because your girl has been revamping –sort of. If you haven’t already noticed, you can see that my blog’s name is no longer sunshinestreak.wordpress.com but now thrivinglightinthestorm.com. You may be wondering why the switch. Well, the name “sunshinestreak” doesn’t really resonate with me anymore. Although you can tell they are both similar (“sunshine”, “light”), I wanted a name that gave me and my blog some more purpose if that makes sense. I had a few other options though, but this one did it for me so yeahhh sister we thrivin’ and we shining no matter what storm life throws our way. We’ll light it up and shine whatsoever!! It hasn’t really been easy though, changing it up and all but I’ll pull through. So far I have a matching instagram account(@thrivinglightinthestorm) please follow me on there so we can keep in touch and you can see what I’m up to outside of this blog (: PS- It’s new so don’t judge too much, thanks

Hopefully by the time this post is live, I would have been done designing the logo (for the blog). Yess this whole blogging thing is really bringing out the art savvy side of me I never even knew existed lol. I’m designing with Canva by the way. It’s a really cool and beginner friendly designing tool, most bloggers and even I myself use it to make blog graphics and stuff like that.

Chatty January Update
I’m actually so proud of myself for editing this photo. Yayy!!

Sigh, constantly I just pray for grace to carry through and really up my blogging game because I honestly want to do so much better. Wow this is such a chatty blog post; I’ve never done anything like this before. Let me know in the comments if I should do more stuff like this, it could be a monthly feature or something.

It’s about time I wrap this up *tears* I could go on forever believe me, but I doubt y’all are that interested in what goes on in my life lol. But I am interested in you and I do really want to get to know y’all. So spam my dms on instagram (@thrivinglightinthestorm), I’d really love to hear from you. I’m getting a twitter soon so y’all can also hit me up on there. Let me know how January went for you and if you have any plans this month of February *wink*

You mean a lot,


2018 – Ushering into Growth (PART II)

Featured2018- Ushering into growth



No matter how troubled the sea is, always remember that God never holds back from his children. He may not come at the time we think we need Him but He will always step in at the best time to rescue us from the storms of life.

In the midst of all my confusion and heart ache, God provided a solution to my problems and a revelation for my future as well. I was offered a provisional admission to study at Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. Not just that, but a 60% or 100% discount on tuition depending on whichever course I choose to study.

I must confess that initially, I couldn’t help but be a bit hesitant. I was a little bit disappointed – it had always been my dream to study abroad, in fact this served as a constant motivation for me to work so hard throughout secondary school.  But with the my mom’s help and by the grace of God, we were able to make all arrangements in time an here I am, in medical school.

This year, a lot of things concerning my life have changed. The direction in which I thought my life was going switched up in the blink of an eye. However, in all this I am thankful because I know that He has a better plan. These last few months of 2018, I have drawn so much closer to the love of God, and for this I am grateful. It gives me the assurance that no matter what obstacles lie ahead, I know I don’t have to figure it out alone.

I’ve realized that God doesn’t take us to places we can already fit. He takes us to places that don’t currently fit so that we can learn to adjust our lives to fit- and that is how we grow. I am thankful for the place God has put me in. Each day, He is constantly revealing to me new ways I can positively affect this space that I am in.

Adapting to all this change hasn’t been so easy, but I believe by God’s grace I am equipped with all that I need to overcome. I can tell that 2018 is my ushering into tremendous growth which is preparing me for the amazing things God has in store for me.

Are you doing some reflecting too? Go ahead and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Or you can contact me personally via the contacts tab on the home page. I hope 2018 has thought us all a thing or two. Merry Christmas and happy holidays loves!!




2018 – A Sea of Troubles (PART I)

Featured2018 - A SEA OF TROUBLES



Looking back on 2018, it has been an amazing year for me. No less, but probably more.

As the year is wrapping up, each day I find time to reflect and I am now gaining full awareness of how abundant God’s mercies have been, not just for me, but for my family and friends as well. Gracefully, He wrapped up one phase of my life in a way I would never have imagined it and ushered me safely into the next one. I could be short for words, but I refuse to be because I must share this with you (:

In late July of this year, I graduated from secondary school, all to His glory. I didn’t just graduate but my results were so beautiful (beyond what I had imagined!!) January this year, I received my Cambridge GCE O’Levels result, 5 A*s and 1A. I can’t go into details of how I felt at the time, but damn did God surprise me. In March/April, I took the JAMB and I had a score of 329 out of 400, which was the second best result in my school this year. In July, God crowned it all with a beautiful WAEC result of 7 A1s and 2 B2s. It can only be him. I graduated as the 4th best graduating science student of my school. Are you seeing how amazing God is?? He beat my wildest imaginations and came through with these. Deep down, I even still can’t believe it.

In the first paragraph, when I said 2018 has been an amazing year, I hope you didn’t think there were absolutely no struggles, because if you did, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

After obtaining all the fantastic results, you wouldn’t believe your home girl didn’t know WHAT SHE WANTED TO BECOME in life. I was LOST completely. Yeah secondary school was a wrap. But okay what next?? And the slightest answer to this question is what I didn’t have. I was searching the deepest I could but man was I lost. I didn’t know what uni I was even going to, applying for scholarships here and there. Some of my friends were already starting school, your girl didn’t even know what she wanted to become – like absolutely no vision for the future. Frustration and anxiety set in, I was loosing it.

Imagine being this confused and not having a single sense of guidance from your parents. My parents have been divorced for about 8 years, but each passing year, the problems and wounds always seem to multiply and deepen. And 2018 couldn’t be left out of the party. In my opinion, 2018 threw the biggest party, I’m sure all the other years were as shocked as I was but definitely not being hit with the same amount of pain.

I graduated from secondary school and all hell broke loose. My parents couldn’t take a single decision over my future. I’m not saying they should have dictated for me to do with my life, obviously not lol. But you know when you’re lost and you just need your parents to have your back, yeah that. My mother wanted me to do this and then my dad wanted me to do the exact opposite. It was like tug of war, both of them tugging at me from opposite ends. Both sides may fall to the ground and can always get up and recover from the impact, but the wear and tear on the rope is never reversed. And as the rope, at a time the pressure had gotten so much, I almost snapped into two but for God’s grace that stepped in right on time.



Back and I’m Better

Hello beautiful people!

I am honestly very excited to be typing away in the editor right now. I’ve missed talking to y’all really. In my last post, I said I was taking a break from blogging.

I did so because things were getting starting to get shaky with me. I sort of needed to work the basics, and set my foundation right. Remember, I can’t give what I don’t have and I didn’t want to be out here creating some scraggy and baseless content (that would benefit no one). Nope, can’t happen by God’s grace!!

In the past one month without the pressure of thinking of what exactly to write about and stuff like that, I had  some more time to reflect inwardly – soul searching kinda thing. I got closer to God (my everlasting source of strength – I should spell this out), let Him fill me absolutely and I can say that the sea is a lot calmer right now. I have received a sense of direction for my future, how to navigate the process and how I can positively affect the space that God has placed me in currently (my university). I have also drawn strength to be able to put stuff out here that will be beneficial to you guys and at the same time help me as well.


I have also been thinking about re-branding my site. Sort of like changing the layout to focus more on the words than the picture(s), I’m hoping y’all get the picture [pun intended (:] I figured that the visual aspect is not really what I want to focus on and that personally for me and the purpose God has given to me, it’s more about the words. I’m apologizing in advance in case any of you is bummed about this.

Also, I am at a point in my life where I am going through a whole lot of positive changes. Yass people, God is working on me behind the scenes!! I guess you should  expect that to reflect in the things I’ll write or the stuff I’ll put out here. So if you do notice any changes, don’t be upset because hopefully it’s for the best.  And if you do notice any red flags, please don’t hesitate to call me out on them (:

Meanwhile, the year is about to wrap up. Are you reflecting on your year yet? Coz I am and I just might put up a post about it. 2018 has been an amazing year. It can’t be too early so Happy Holidays and I love you guys!!



PS : I’m trying out this new Word press editor and it’s giving me so much life!!

Life Update #1

FeaturedAutumn in Park City, Utah Photo credit: Niaz Uddin

Personally I have come to realize that the true beauty in life is facing the obstacles we are presented with at every point, not letting them break us down and coming through no matter what. Sometimes we get it easy, sometimes we don’t and that in itself is beautiful. Either way we are winners, because each fight gives us something to learn from. And so long as we keep learning, we definitely keep winning.

Thankfully, I am coming out of a major low point in my life. A low I never knew existed or could even exist for me as a person. It’s common to come across different stories of how people have given up totally on their lives and cannot keep on fighting. But the truth is it only becomes so real when you’re the one struggling to see what truly life has to offer.

I thought I actually had everything under control. I thought that somehow I was managing to juggle everything – my worries, my fears, my troubles and still be “happy”. At this point I don’t know why I picture God sitting up there, legs crossed, popcorn in hand laughing really hard at me while I tried to maneuver my way through life ALONE. I thought everything was going fine until I actually started to realize that it wasn’t at all. How could I be truly happy when the supplier of the joy that knows no bounds was oh so far from me?

My source, my lifeline, the one who keeps me going, the one whom I can always turn to in times of trouble, the one I can put all of my trust in because He never fails, my provider, my protector, my life giver, the one I can always fall back on no matter what, the one in whom I find rest, supplier of peace that surpasses all understanding, comfort giver, unfailing friend. I can never run out of words when describing my source, but for the purpose of this post I’d like to stop here.

There was a point in my life where I felt so close to Jesus. I was ingesting His Word, day in, day out. I was trying my best to live by them also. I was in such a peaceful place. Then suddenly or rather, not quite suddenly (because it took a while to happen), I started to drift apart. I kept on telling myself I didn’t have time anymore, I began to misplace my priorities, I started to feel like I could do this on my own (which of course is a big fat lie). I stopped making time for God in my life. I just lost this consciousness that I have a father whom I am forever accountable to. I stopped reading my Bible, I stopped praying as frequently as I used to before, I stopped meditating on His Word. Most tragically, I stopped applying His Word to my life daily.

Autumn in Park City, Utah Photo credit: Niaz Uddin
Autumn in Park City, Utah. Photo credit: Niaz Uddin

I tried to draw my happiness from friends, relationships, family, etc. While this is great, it isn’t enough to constantly look to others for your own happiness. It isn’t okay to be unhappy when you’re done hanging out with your friends, or when he says goodnight and has to return home, or when once you put down your phone.  It isn’t okay to not be happy with yourself and continuously beat yourself down behind closed doors. True happiness comes from within you and even radiates outwards, illuminating the lives of those around you. I was like a leech sucking off of these people, without having anything tangible to really give back. I was empty.

Good things were happening, but I couldn’t seem to appreciate them properly. I couldn’t see the light that others were seeing. Things were getting out of hand with my family. My mom was constantly losing it and my dad kept on driving her insane. There was so much confusion all about the place. I kept on getting signs everywhere that I needed to make a U-turn, I needed to sort things out, I needed to get down on my knees and fight for what was mine through Christ.

But somehow I kept on holding back. I kept on thinking, you know what, “God is probably tired of you going back and forth all the time”, “you don’t even deserve to be happy after taking it all for granted”, “you aren’t worth any of it”, “don’t even bother trying”, “it’s no use at all”, “you’re still going to repeat the same thing over and over again”. I let all this sit in my heart and sink in. I forced myself to believe in these lies so much such that I forgot what they actually were – lies.

I read somewhere that you can’t change what you’re comfortable with. I understood this as: YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO ALLOW. I didn’t quite like that I had drifted away from my source, but I chose to allow it and it stayed the same way. It had been three months since I last said a word of honest and true prayer. But now all of that is changing, because I have made up my mind to go home, to return home. I’m fed up and finally I want to do the right thing. I want to get my life back because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TIME TO WASTE.

You can do the same thing too. You may not be a Christian like me and that’s perfectly okay. You know you better than I do. You know what has been working for you. So long as it’s honest and true, please stick to it. You may be going through something similar to what I am experiencing. It is very normal to backslide in one’s faith, I mean it happens. I just want to encourage you to make that change, to return home to what gives your life a sense of direction, a sense of purpose.

And no, I am not saying that once you do that all of your problems will be solved immediately. Now that’s very unrealistic. I’m saying that hope begins to grow in you and somehow you begin to have faith in God to carry you through any storm coming your way. You begin to have faith in yourself and your abilities, you begin to discover your true purpose in life. You will start to realize that there are much more better things to come once you begin to see beyond the obstacles in your path.

Most importantly, YOU ALSO HAVE TO WANT TO BE IN A BETTER PLACE. You have to be willing to do the work, mentally and emotionally to bring yourself to that place where you want to be. You have to guide your thoughts in the line of positivity. Remind yourself that your thoughts are exactly what they are – THOUGHTS. Your thoughts are not reality so consciously, make effort to stop fretting over things that don’t even exist. I mean that’s insane.

Life is way too short to be going in the wrong direction. I believe in you to make that change today. And I hope you do.


Daniella x

The Best Wash day routine for Natural (4c) Hair

FeaturedThe 5 step wash day routine that changed my hair

5 step wash day routine that changed my hair
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The 5 step wash day routine that changed my hair

the best washday routine for natural hair
Texture shot (: I have a big head lol

Today I’m going to share with you guys the wash day routine for natural hair (4c hair) that literally changed my life – okay I’m being a little dramatic. But jokes apart, after this wash day, I started to fall in love with my hair once again.

 I have type 4B & 4C hair (as you can see in the pic above). Yes, I said no to the creamy crack three years ago. So this  amazing wash day routine was in the line of a typical natural hair youtuber. Before wash day, I had faux locs installed as a protective style for about a month. My hair was in single braids, and then the locs were crocheted individually.



I detangled a day before wash day. I was so lazy about taking my locs out and I had to pay for it big time; I lost a lot of hair while detangling. Hence this warning – NEVER LEAVE YOUR PROTECTIVE STYLE IN FOR TOO LONG. I had a lot of dirt and build up at the roots of my hair so I spent so much time detangling.

         To detangle, I used:

  • My oil mix – Tea tree oil + Vitamin E oil + Natural Coconut oil (You can read about the benefits of tea tree oil for skin too here.
  • A tooth pick

the best washday routine for natural hair
My Oil mix and toothpicks, set for detangling ayy

I used the pick to loosen the braids (you can also use a rat tail comb). Normally, I use my fingers but the braids were too tiny. Afterwards, I slathered on a generous amount of the coconut oil on my hair and began taking it apart little by little from the ends to the roots. Remember that your hair has been in a protective style, and hasn’t been getting so much moisture so it is in a fragile state at this point. You want to be very gentle so you don’t rip out your hair. I repeated the same thing on five more braids and twisted it to form one large section. I did the same thing till I was done with all of my hair. You might want to do this while watching a tv show because it takes a whole lot of time.

Detangling prevents you from getting tangles in your hair while washing, literally cuts down your wash day time by half and saves you a whole lot of stress.


This is basically like washing your hair except this time, you use a clarifying shampoo for an extra deep cleansing effect. It is important to clarify after taking down a protective style because you get a lot of build up, oils and dirt that clog your hair follicles, prevent growth and give your hair a dull look.   

         To clarify, I used:

I took down each section, washed it and twisted it back up. I rinsed off the product in the same way. It can be very time consuming but I promise you’ll love the results you get after.  I washed twice, the first time with black soap and the second with the clarifying shampoo. These products were amazing and left my hair feeling squeaky clean afterwards.

the best washday routine for natural hair
Please help a sister and pin this (:


This is officially my best part of wash day. Don’t you just love it when you apply conditioner and then you just feel your hair slipping through your fingers, all soft and stretchy? Lol I’m getting dreamy. However, for you to enjoy conditioning, it’s best you use a conditioner with great slip – a conditioner that’s water-based and gives your hair that slippery effect when it’s between your fingers.

 For conditioning, I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturising Conditioner. I 100% recommend this conditioner. It has this dreamy coconut tropical scent that is so lovely and I could still smell it on my hair even after I rinsed it out (:

I squeezed a sizeable amount into my palm and applied it on my hair from the roots to the ends. Afterwards I used a wide tooth comb to gently detangle my hair, starting first at the ends before progressing gradually to the roots. My hair felt softer than ever guys, I fell in love.

the best washday routine for natural hair
Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying shampoo, Dudu Osun Black Soap and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturising Conditioner.


If you aren’t new in the natural hair business then you’ve probably heard about deep conditioning. It is super duper important to deep condition. It is moisture enriching, improves your hair texture and prevents hair breakage and split ends. It’s also key for maintaining proper moisture balance in your hair strands and for banging curls.

You may prefer to buy your deep conditioner or make it yourself (if you’re more of a DIY person), whatever works for you.  However if you’re in college or uni (like me) and don’t want to spend money on pricey deep conditioners, I’m sure you’d love the DIY option. No worries, I got you covered (:

I made my own DIY deep conditioner using:

  • An* egg
  • 1* tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • 1* tablespoon of natural honey
  • 1* tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

* – You can always change the amounts depending on the fullness of your hair or your personal preferences.

the best washday routine for natural hair
The best part is you can just walk into your kitchen and grab all you need

Put all of that into a bowl and mix together until you get a smooth consistency. I like to warm up this mixture before adding it to my hair by placing it in a bowl of hot water (be careful not to let the water in the bowl be too much so it doesn’t get into your mixture). Deep conditioning with heat allows your deep conditioner to penetrate deeply into your hair shaft, thereby making it work better on your hair.

Add the mixture to each section of your hair and wrap your hair in a steam cap, plastic cap, or a nylon bag. And yes, the mixture will drip down your neck and back, I know yuck! But it’s the price we have to pay for good hair so suck it up (: After 25 – 30 minutes, rinse out the mixture thoroughly using cold water. You’ll notice that your hair is feeling soft and deeply moisturized. Ahh yummy.


We all know how important it is to lock in moisture; we don’t want all that wash day goodness gone just yet. I always use the LOC (L- Leave In Conditioner/Liquid, O – Oil, C- Cream) method when moisturising my hair.

 To moisturise, I used:

  • My hair mist – a mixture of water and natural coconut oil in a spray bottle (Liquid)
  • Oil mix (Oil)
  • Whipped Shea butter mix (Cream)
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – I use this specially for my edges and roots

the best washday routine for natural hair
My hair mist, JBCO, Oil mix and whipped shea butter mix

I sprayed the mist on a section of my hair from the roots to ends. Next, I applied a sizeable amount of the oil mix and the whipped shea butter mix to seal in all the moisture. You want to add some more oil and shea butter at the ends because these are the oldest parts of our hair and tend to break off easily. Work your way from section to section till you are done with all of your hair. Voila. Your wash day routine is complete!!!

the best washday routine for natural hair
I really love how the curls are starting to pop coz I never actually get this much curls


  • How can you get long and moisturized 4c hair? If I’m being honest, there is no shortcut to having long and moisturized 4c hair. There’s no holy grail hair product or miracle hair regimen to land you there all of a sudden. But with the right hair regimen and gentle hair practices for length retention and good time, you’ll definitely get there.
  • Can you wash natural hair every day? Of course you can. Do I support it? Hell no! If you’re looking at growing long and healthy natural hair, then sis at most every two weeks should be optimal. Personally, I wash my hair once a month. Wait, wait, wait, don’t freak out yet. My hair is in protective styles 95% of the time so I can’t afford to wash it frequently. Also, with balancing med school and running this blog, I’d love to keep the stress level at a minimum.
  • How can you soften your natural hair? Although genetically, some people have more coarse hair than others, hair that is properly taken care of will be easy to manage. Treat your hair with love and care and you will definitely get the results you desire! Sleep on satin sheets or use a satin bonnet/scarf, braid your hair before you sleep at night, avoid excess heat application (although for easy hair styling and overall management, it’s okay to straighten your hair about once a month), detangle gently and most of all, be patient!

I’m hoping you guys try out this wash day routine and I hope it’ll be helpful too. If you have any contributions or reviews, leave them down in the comment box below. I’d be so glad to hear from you.

You mean a lot,






Featureda letter to my teenage daughter


a letter to my teenage daughter

Dear daughter,

I write this letter out of the already existing love and awe I have for you, although I cannot fathom for a minute the person that you are or who you might turn out to be.

You are elegant and beautiful. Don’t let society tell you otherwise. Embrace your flaws, accept them – they complete you. But be reminded that you should be valued for more than just the aesthetics of your body; the curve of your hips or the abundance of your bosom.

You may start to think otherwise when you walk past and they stare at you hungrily, making you too self conscious. You may doubt this when you begin to notice that whenever they speak to you, their eyes are on everywhere but your face. You may doubt this when you are told to “cover up” whenever you wear what you are comfortable in. Don’t be deceived – there is so much more a young woman like you is worth.

More importantly, you are irreplaceable because of the beauty of your soul and the power of your mind and the wealth of your imaginations. Do you know all that you could possibly achieve? Do you know the paths you could tread and the ways you could pave? Do you know the mountains that lie in wait to be conquered by you? Never forget that you are more than equal to the tasks ahead of you.

a letter to my teenage daughter

Whatever you do, know this; that in life, one thing is constant – Change.

Know that nothing lasts forever. And that he may say he loves you now, but leave you at the point you need him the most. That in your circle, the bond may be strong, but someday you’ll have to grow apart from each other. That your best friend now, could turn out to be your worst enemy in time to come. That in the blink of an eye, all that ever mattered to you could vanish into thin air – almost like it never existed.

It is perfectly normal to be resistant to change. It is human in fact. So don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t bounce back as soon as you’d expected. Give yourself time to heal and adjust, nurse your wounds. Accept the things you can’t change and move on. Love yourself, because no matter what, you’ll always have you.

“No pain is wasted if you let it teach you” The Slumflower

Find people who add fuel to your fire and stick with them. People who allow you to burn your brightest, not people who extinguish this fire and quench it out. Love hard – that is the best thing you can do to a fellow human and for a fellow human. Learn to trust, life is less stressful that way. There will heart breaks but girl you’ve got to keep moving.

Enjoy every moment while it lasts. Don’t be scared to live in the moment, relish it. Change is inevitable so learn to embrace it. Embrace each new phase of life as it unfolds before you. Be open minded and objective. Try your best not to let sentiments cloud your judgement. Reach out, connect and be at peace with the world around you.

Do not be scared, you were born prepared. To rise above the barriers created by culture and “religion”, to break through the strongholds of society, to go against all existing stereotypes, to pick up the stones they will throw at you and build a wall protecting the peace and tranquillity of your mind. You have all it takes to fulfil your purpose and spread love.

Mediocrity is the enemy. Always remember, you deserve the best. So be fierce and take all that is yours by all means. The future belongs to you.


Your life chanel

Disclaimer: I DO NOT have a daughter right now.

But by addressing this letter to her, I was writing it to myself also. This is something I’d want my daughter to read when she’s about my age because all I have written in this letter applies to me at the moment. As the words poured out of my heart and I mumbled them somewhat subconsciously, they had a resonating effect within me.

In life, change is constant. Honestly, I do not deal so well with it. I’d love to know the different ways you all deal with change. I could surely gain a thing or two.

Daniella x

Nothing ever works? Yeah this time around try something


Hey guys,

A little bit of Monday motivation as we’re stepping into this new week (: Honestly  I’m sort of anxious to how y’all will react to it. But I’ll never know if I don’t get it uploaded right? So let’s get started.

A lot of us have a truckload of dreams we hope to live at some point in our lives. We make goals, yearly, monthly, weekly that translate to achieving those dreams and seeing them become a reality. This is really good. I mean you have to plan for success.

But the sad truth is that in the end, not everyone gets to live their dream. We all know that. The next question is why? Why don’t these people who set out to be really great people ever reach the mark? What is it that they did wrong? What possibly went wrong?

Well a lot of things could account for one’s failure in life. But the little I know is that sometimes we just get so fed up that we’re putting a lot of effort into something and somehow we are not getting the results we expect. It’s only human and totally normal to slack when you honestly see no need to continue.


Along the line, I’ve come to discover that a key characteristic of successful people is perseverance. I struggle to persist in the things I do especially when I don’t get the results I want. I’m sure a good number of us out there do to. It may be that relationship you’re investing so much in but it doesn’t seem to be getting better, it may be your grades which are still on the low despite all the effort you put into your academics, it may  be that business that barely yields any profit but you and your workers have been trying really hard.

“Fail big, Dream big. Take risks, calculated chances of course.” Denzel Washington

But guess what? You, my dear friend have got to keep trying. If you fall seven times, get up eight. Learn from your mistakes and make the necessary improvements. Take chances, healthy calculated risks I mean. If method A hasn’t been working for you, this time around why not try a different approach. I mean explore your options, think outside the box. There might be this little but key detail you’re missing that is very essential to the big picture.

I’d love for you guys to watch a video that absolutely inspired me. It’s an amazing recitation by Lamyaa Hanchaoui that sort of struck a chord within me. Click here to watch!

On the way to success, failure is guaranteed. But you’ll never know how far you can go if you stop trying. So keep going at it. Wake up each morning and see new reasons to try. Please promise that you’ll never give up and that you’ll keep chasing that awfully amazing dream till it becomes a reality.

do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beutiful things waiting for you. sunshine comes to those who feel rain

This is the part where I say thank you for coming to my TED talk right? Lol yeah I’ve always wanted to say that. So thank you for reading this post and I hope it is helpful to you. Do have a lovely week ahead and don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment box down below.

Again, don’t ever give up ’cause I won’t.

Daniella x

Hello in a not so cliché way



I intended to start my blog with the usual introduction and all other blog rituals of the sort. But honestly, at this point in time as I sit before my laptop, I am not in that eerie mood at all. Sorry to probably burst your bubble and go against the norms, but being realistic is something I owe all my future readers and followers.

I’m down and I feel broken, sort of. You know how there’s so much going on in your life, too many changes taking place spontaneously and you feel you can just hold it all in. But then contrary to what you think, at some point it all gets too much and you just explode, letting all your emotions out all at once. Yeah, that is most likely my situation right now. Y’all will get to know more as we progress on this journey.

Writing is sort of a therapy for me. Already, I’m starting to feel better. Thank God. So let’s get started, yeah?

I am Daniella Ntuen. I just graduated from high school about two weeks ago so you can tell I’m really young. You’ll get to know a lot more about me during this journey we’re about to take because well of course, I’d love to think of it as one.

Welcome to my blog, Sun Streak. Lol don’t mind the domain name, Word press couldn’t get me anything better for free. My blog is a platform I want to use to reach out to people scattered about the world irrespective of age, race, gender, religion or any other forms of disparity. I want to share my story, I want to affect lives positively of course in the little ways I can. I mean I’m basically just beginning my life but somehow I believe that sharing the little things I know and learn everyday can help someone struggling out there.

Making money is not why I am doing this, at least for now. My focus however is how I can connect with a community of people who have chosen to see life a little differently, people who are stepping out of their comfort zones, people who are breaking barriers, people who are voicing it all out and effecting changes in the world around them, however little.

So hop on and enjoy this ride.


Daniella x